Voter Registration Extension May Open Up EU Referendum Result To A Legal Challange

Cameron’s Voter Registration “Glitch” Means the EU’s “Court” Will Now Decide on Leave or Remain.

Let’s follow the outrageous logic of what comes next regarding David Cameron’s “glitch” in the online Brexit referendum voter registration system.

It’s generally agreed among members of the government and others in the know that the “glitch”, and Cameron’s potentially criminal decision to allow registration to continue after the deadline, renders the result of the referendum available for a legal challenge.

The profound constitutional importance of the Brexit vote will mean that any suit would almost certainly be sent straight to the Supreme Court, which, as with the equally dubious Gore-Bush US presidential elections in 2000, will find itself being charged with deciding on the result of a seminal plebiscite, on whether we leave or remain.

Let’s say our High Court decides unequivocally that a Leave vote was perfectly legal and should stand, despite the “glitch”.

We all accept the decision and move on, right?


This referendum is about our EU treaties, which — TA DA! — falls under the  jurisdiction of the European Commission’s (Orwellianly-named) European Court of Justice.

Because of that, the Remain camp will have the opportunity to appeal our highest court’s decision on the most important constitutional issue we’ll face in any of our lifetimes, to a kangaroo court, whose only purpose is to legally grease the wheels of the EU juggernaut.

Would anyone care to suggest what an EU “court” purposed solely with ensuring that the EU’s fascistic agenda persists, will rule on the legality of a net-contributing member nation’s decision to escape their EU’s control.

The fact that Cameron, acting openly as an agent of the EU Commission, has, by way of his “glitch”, placed the decision as to whether or not the democratic will of the people of the United Kingdom should supersede the political ideology of a faceless gang of psychopathic ideologues and fascist in Brussels into the hands of those same psychopaths, tells us all we need to know about both Cameron and his EU.

Troublingly, when the bulk of ordinary Brits realize what’s been done to them, I suspect we’ll find out much about them, too, as we did in 1939, when we were facing — and duly dispatched — exactly the same totalitarian enemy and its Quislings that we face today.

The only difference is that, then, the enemy were mostly wearing military uniforms and attacking us from beyond our borders.

Now, however, the enemy is wearing a fancy suit and he’s attacking us from Number 10 Downing Street.

Although a referendum in itself is not normally legally binding, the fact is that emergency new laws were brought in AFTER the registration deadline and not BEFORE.  EU leaders have already threatened the UK with making our exit difficult, and punishing us.  This could be a spanner they attempt to throw in the works, and should not have been risked for the sake of 2 hours of registrations.

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