30,000 Remain Voting Fascists Just Marched Under The Flag of a Foreign Power

london european union march in 2016

Thirty thousand frothing, flag-waving, EU-inspired fascists just marched through downtown London under the  flag of a foreign power.

These people are openly instigating a Ukraine-type coup of the UK’s democratically-elected government.

Yet nobody in power in the UK seems too bothered by it all.


The fascist horde presented itself as an “anti-Brexit” protest, but the mass flying of, and show of fealty to, a foreign flag — the blue and yellow EU Swastika — in a land in which the Union Jack reigns supreme tells its own story.

Saturday’s terrifying display of fascistic EU nationalism in London is no different to Oswald Mosley’s malignant black-shirted rallies calling for the imposition of a brutal British nationalism on the people of the UK; its participants are cut from the same political cloth.

Make no mistake, these marchers are extremist EU nationalists in every sense of the word, and they will seek to terrorize us and to burn our democratic house down to the ground, in order to replace it with their Technocratic “European Project”.

These extremists advocate a politics that is anathema to the United Kingdom and its tradition of always fighting to increase — not diminish, as constantly equivocating Soros “progressives” seek to do — the individual rights of all who call ourselves  British.

Could it be that our government has been made so redundant, is so cowardly, so useless, so stupidly blind, and so negligent of its duty to protect those it governs — we, the people of the UK — that it doesn’t recognize the manifestation of the most urgent and malignant force seeking to destroy us since 1939?

Imagine, for a moment, that, instead of the blue and yellow EU Swastika, these rabid EU nationalists were waving and draping themselves and their children/political props in German flags, or, indeed, in Nazi Party regalia.

And, yes, the Nazi comparison IS apt, bearing in mind the EU’s documented Nazi Party roots, its fascistic/technocratic structure, its self-declared empire-building, and its complete lack of democratic mandate or motive.

What if 30,000 Germans waving Swastikas marched through the streets of London, demanding that the people of the UK be disenfranchised, and a democratic vote be ignored, so that a foreign and totalitarian ideology could take permanent root across the UK?

How wide would our Government yawn at that sight?

By turning a blind eye to Saturday’s Euro-fascist invasion of London, and later the entire UK, our cowardly, incompetent and negligent government has abandoned we free Brits — whatever our religion, skin colour, heritage and social class — to the vicious whim of anonymous and psychotic EU nationalists pulling the strings in Brussels.

In fact David Cameron’s cowardly decision to run, soiling his pants, from his promise to us that he would trigger Article 50 as soon as a Leave vote was returned, actually threw Brits into the totalitarian snake pit that we saw slithering through London on Saturday.

We have reached the point at which every day that passes without Cameron invoking Article 50 constitutes evidence, not only of Cameron’s abject cowardice, but, also, of his treason.

By Les K (a.k.a The Intervener)

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