EU Demand That UK Build 220,000 Houses Yearly for Influx of Migrants Into Britain!

The European Union Commission have told the UK that we are headed for an extreme housing crisis (oh, really?) which is a knock on affect from an unrestricted immigration policy from neighbouring EU countries.  The situation is hitting first time buyers and those wishing to rent across the country extremely hard, and the situation is only set to worsen.

Rather than build an unsustainable amount of houses, that will put our beautiful countryside in jeopardy, it makes sense to many, that curbing immigration is the answer, and we can only do this by leaving the EU and setting up a proper Australian style point based immigration system.  The demand from Brussels came within an EU report on Wednesday of this week.

This news follows earlier reports of their being 2.2 million EU workers in the UK, this number does not take into consideration those who are on benefits or too old or young to work.  Approximately 330,000 migrants are entering the UK per year (half from the EU), which is also putting a major strain on our schools, hospitals, prisons & benefits system.

A leading pro-Brexit Cabinet Minister, Chris Grayling said

“What we have is the EU telling us we are not building enough houses and yet telling us also that we have to accept unlimited migration from elsewhere in the European Union.

“There is just a fundamental democratic gap in all of this. We now know that the Treasury’s official document says that there will be three million more migrants by 2030. We have got the Office for National Statistics saying that our population is going to rise from 63million to 76million over the next generation. Not all of that is from immigration, but they have always said a substantial part is.

Pro-Brexit Cabinet Minister ‘Chris Grayling’ said “The very nature and character’ of Britain will be changed forever if we agreed to concrete over the country”

He went on to say:

We’re in a position where we are adding a city the size of Newcastle upon Tyne to the United Kingdom every year.’  Mr Grayling said he was not a person who says immigration ‘has always been bad for Britain’. But he added: ‘If we have migration on this scale, the European Commission has put its finger on it: we have to build more and it will change the nature and character of many parts of this country.

‘If I look somebody in the eyes on the doorstep and they say to me that “I think immigration has been too high and I want to slow it down”, I can’t in the context of EU immigration do anything about it at all.

‘I think in a sovereign and independent country those people should have a say. As long as we stay in the EU, they won’t.’

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