Johnson & Gove Are Among Many Politicians Waking Up To The Need of Tougher Immigration Rules

BREXIT campaigners including Boris Johnson & Michael Gove have unmasked plans for an Australian-style immigration system based on points for EU workers if the referendum is won next month to be able to pull Britain out of the European Union.

“The automatic right of all EU citizens to come to live and work in the UK will end,” reads a statement from campaign leaders, including the former mayor of London Boris Johnson.

This statement stated “the ability to speak good English” and that skills-testing would then be required for any prospective immigrants under a plan that could be put into place before the next general election in 2020.

Australia’s system works by only allowing skilled migrants into the country by assigning points based on sets of criteria including the age, competency in English, occupation, qualifications and experience of the applicant.  The system in essence is designed to fill any labour shortages in the country.

The Vote Leave campaign statement will still however infuriate many in downing street, especially those in Labour, who are predominately for REMAIN.
Cameron has already state he has no intention to step down even if he loses in his campaign for Britain to remain in the EU, but many leading Conservatives are saying he just may have to.  This immigration policy is about creating fairness, of those who have learnt skills in their own country, which can benefit our country as a whole, as right now a homeless Romanian beggar has more right to come and live in the UK, than a university graduate from one of the commonwealth countries who may be able to fill a gap in any shortages we have in particular job industries.

There were around three million workers from other parts of the EU in Britain last year — more than double the number from 2004, according to the Migration Observatory.  Their is also a massive strain on hospitals, schools & prisons, due to the huge wave of migration in recent years, which allows an open door immigration policy of 508 Million to enter the UK. These people are allowed to come with no restrictions or checks on criminal backgrounds, prompting many cases of murderers, rapists & peadophiles from other neighbouring countries freely able to roam around Britain committing serious crimes.

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