Do These Maps Prove the Correlation Between Islam & Conflict?

Here is a map from Wikipedia showing all the ongoing conflicts in the world:


…and here is a map showing all the Islamic territories in the world:



If we compare the two we see there is a general correlation.

Here is a list of all of planet Earth’s ongoing conflicts in which more than 100 people were killed in the last 12 months (as of summer 2017). I have coloured redevery one in which one party is seeking to make more territory more Islamic. I have coloured in blue all the ones where Islam is not a contributing factor.

Over 10,000 deaths:
War in Afghanistan.
Mexican Drug War
Syrian Civil War
Iraqi Civil War

1000 – 9,999 Deaths:
Kurdish / Turkish conflict.
Somali civil war.
Communal conflicts Nigeria.
Darfur / Sudan.
Boku Harem insurgency.
Libyan civil war. 
Yemeni civil war. 
Sinai insurgency Egypt. 
South Kordofan conflict / Sudan.
Sudan / Ethiopia conflict.

100 – 9,999 Deaths:
Kashmir conflict.
Balochistan conflict (Pakistan / Iran).
Internal conflict Myanmar.
South Thailand insurgency.
Insurgency in North East India.
Israeli / Palestinian conflict .
Colombian conflict.
Naxalite insurgency India.
Moro conflict Philippines.
Cabinda war, Angola.
Armenia / Azerbajan. 
Sectarian conflict Pakistan.
Internal conflict Bangladesh.
Oromo conflict Ethiopia.
Ogaden conflict Ethiopia.
Congo insurgency.
Algeria / Tunisia.
Congo / Burundi.
War in North West Pakistan.
Sudanese nomadic conflicts.
Insurgency North Caucasus.
Central African Republic conflict.
Northern Mali Conflict.
Insurgency in Egypt.
Renamo Mozambique.
Donbass / Ukraine.
Burundian unrest.
Turkey / Islamic State.

Obviously conflicts by their very nature are in constant flux, and by the time you read this some of the above will have diminished whilst others will have escalated, but the main point is that, although it represents only 23% of the human race, Islam is involved in 85.7% of the world’s conflicts (36 of the worst 42). Islam is a religion designed by a soldier, so the war and the religion are the same thing – the extent of the belief  correlates to the extent of the war.

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