Corbyn Visits Grave of Mass Murderer ‘Trotsky’s’ Grave – Who Was Responsible for 1.5 MILLION Murders!

Jeremy Corbyn This Week Has Visited The Grave of Trotsky – A Communist “Revolutionary” Who Was Responsible For up to 1.5 Million Murders.

Labour are refusing to deny that Corbyn visited the grave of Trotsky after he visited a Museum of Communism based next to the grave site. Trotsky who has a direct responsibility for the mass killings and other atrocities committed by the Red Army. More generally, as one the highest Communist leaders, he was responsible for the numerous mass killings and other atrocities done by the Communists during the period when he was in power. See also the article on Mass killings under Communist regimes.

Jeremy Corbyn has been in Mexico for the last 2 weeks on holiday, we can reveal that Jeremy visited a museum of communism located at a villa within Mexico City, where Trotsky had lived in exile for 12 months before he was eventually assassinated.

The Red Army under his command participated in Communist atrocities such as Red Terror, harsh suppressions of anti-Communist uprisings such as the Kronstadt Rebellion and the Tambov Rebellion, what has been seen as genocidal mass killings of Cossacks (who were viewed as supporters of the old regime), and “War Communism” policies which contributed to a mass starvation causing many millions of deaths.

Corbyn was snapped in a photo near the grave site, and no response to the claim has been given by the labour party as of yet.

trotsky corbyn


Corbyn has been linked to numerous similar controversies, such as sharing platforms with Islamic Extremists, referring to known terrorist organisation such as ‘Hamas’ and ‘Hezbollah’ as his friends, and direct links to the IRA, such as his long term friendship with IRA Leader ‘Gerry Adams’

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