Corbyn Backs Turkey Joining The EU But Cancels Pro-Turkish Speech in Istanbul Until After The Referendum.

Jeremy Corbyn was forced to cancel plans to give a supportive speech calling for Turkey and all of its Turkish citizens to gain full access to the United Kingdom amid fears that doing so would push the UK out of the European Union on the 23rd June.

Senior Labour party members leaked to The Telegraph this week, that Mr Corbyn was planning a major intervention in Turkish/EU affairs by fully supporting them in joining the EU, allowing all of it;s 78 million people have access to the UK under freedom of movement rules.

Sources have claimed the leader’s office are said to have intervened at the last minute to have the speech scrapped, triggering a furious in-party row.

Mr Corbyn’s main spokesman said that the Labour leader will now travel to Turkey after the EU in/out referendum on June 23, accompanied by no other than Diane Abbot.

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