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Ok, so I am at my desk one lunch time, checking out one of my favourite websites – BSE’s Facebook page, and what’s this? Paul Collier thinks Brexit is a bad idea
Who is he? He’s a professor!
What does he teach? Economics!
At some crappy former polytechnic? No. Oxford!
Look at all those books!  Brexit are totally fucked now – Paul Collier knows.





Being part of Europe we’ve got a system of cooperation that’s really important for jobs and trade, and we’ve got a veto that is powerful in preventing a lot of change that could damage us. I don’t see the big benefits of leaving, I see a lot of risks. Some international businesses would just decide that Britain was not a good place to locate, and so they’re gonna invest elsewhere just to be on the safe side. That will cost us jobs and tax revenues and that would in turn hit ordinary families

I am no sleuth but a couple of minutes digging around on Google and Wikepedia showed me that professor Collier teaches at the Blavatnik School of Government, which is an Oxford college which accepts many students funded by the European Commission. In addition to this the Commission funds various research programs there, like the GROWTHCOM project and Project Crisis. Furthermore the International Growth Centre (which he is a director of) is based at the London School of Economics (where the EU funds many of the students as well as several research projects). Also he works at the University of Oxford which receives funding (p13) from the European Investment Bank.  He is currently a Professeur invité at Sciences Po (EU funded). He has also worked at the Research Development Department of the World Bank (EU Funded).

Now I’m sure professor Collier is the most decent and morally upstanding chap you could ever have the pleasure to meet and that he gave his interview in good faith, so I’m certainly not alleging impropriety; I am merely observing that he is not an entirely disinterested party in this debate. The fact that he is funded (albeit indirectly) by the EU is not insignificant and an interest should surely have been declared by the film makers; that way, when he says “…they’re gonna invest elsewhere … That will cost us … revenues” it would be clear whether he is referring to Britain generally or himself specifically.

But anyway, I don’t want to talk about Paul Collier any more. Instead I want to talk about people who are the servants of their employers. Here is a picture of my desk.








Apart from marvel at Paul Collier’s library what do you suppose I do at my desk all day? That’s right. I produce the information my employers pay me to produce. You probably do the same.

Here is Frances O’Grady (General Secretary of the TUC) saying what the EU want to hear. Is the TUC funded by the EU? Yes, there’s a list here….list









See the list also includes the LSE. Remember them?

Here is a leaflet from the GMB Union rolling out the same old myth that Europe that gave Britain human rights.


















Are they funded by the EU? Of course they are, check the list again. They are producing precisely the information their employer wants to see. (Incidentally the idea that Europe gave us human rights is debunked here.)

Just this morning I was sitting in the cafe and the first item on the BBC news(funded by the EU) was a report by the IFS that Brexit could mean another two years of austerity. Are the IFS honest brokers in this? Of course not! Check the list…they are producing the information their employer PAYS them to produce.

Here is Mark Carney talking about the risks of Brexit. Who appoints Mark Carney to his £880,000 job? George Osborne, whose political career depends on preventing independence. I know the role of central bankers has become more politicised in recent years but it is inconceivable that Eddie George or Mervyn King would have allowed themselves to be co-opted by one side of a highly politicised debate like this. Now go back to the image at the top: “BREXIT: NEW TREASURY ANALYSIS” … Who do you suppose wrote that then?

But who am I to criticise? I’m just a nobody and they are a monolithic group of economic giants with supercomputers and august titles. Well, this is why I smell a rat – ask yourself this simple question: how many countries can you name that chose independence and then became poorer? The USA didn’t, neither did India or Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Georgia, Norway, Switzerland, Greenland, Iceland or Jamaica. I accept the correlation is not total – Guatamala, Ukraine, Bosnia, Haiti are exceptions to it, but they declared independence and went to war simultaneously, and not even the most foam-flecked swivel-eyed remainiac is suggesting that an independent Britain would suddenly start mobilising troops against its neighbours (most of whom are in NATO anyway). So what about the former colonies in Africa like Zimbabwe or Algeria? They blew their golden independence moment with rampant corruption and authoritarian rule. But even for those countries, is there anyone out there who actually thinks they should be governed from Europe? of course not! so why should we?

Basically the notion of a stable country with free speech and well established democratic institutions declaring independence and then becoming poorer is pretty much unprecedented. Across the world, throughout history no idea has succeeded more and failed less than ordinary people being able to vote out bad leaders and bad laws. So why do the IMF, the OECD, the IFS, the CBI the TUC and the LSE all deny ALL the empirical evidence? Its obvious – they’ve been paid off, they are discredited institutions – the stooges of their paymasters. I observe that independent states tend to prosper whilst EU member states (that sacrificed independence) tend to decline. Christine Lagarde (head of the EU funded IMF) thinks for Britain it would actually be the other way round and that an independent Britain would somehow become poorer. Who am I going to believe an interested party or my lying eyes?

From BBC employed actors to TUC employed trades unionists to IMF employed economists, the EU are experts at buying-off the opinion formers to create a pseudo-objective wall of pro-EU propaganda. The supreme irony is that the EU fund these institutions with Britain’s membership contributions – we are being bribed with our own money! So whenever you see anyone making an impressive claim about the EU, automatically ask the following questions:

1, Who do you work for?
2, Are they funded by the EU?

Follow the money.


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