Cameron Visited the Year 3000 Earlier Yesterday | Claimed Turkey Still Had Not Joined EU Yet.

Cameron Visited the Year 3000 Earlier Yesterday | He then Claimed Turkey Still Hs Had Not Joined EU Yet.

British PM David Cameron told the ITV broadcaster on Sunday it would be the “year 3000″ before Turkey were to join EU.
He cited its lack of progress on pro-EU reforms and rebuffed claims by Leave campaigners that the UK could not veto its EU entry
Turkey according to many experts is however on its way to becoming an EU member by 2021, so whatever tea leaves Cameron has been reading, need taking no notice of.
“David Cameron has said he wants to pave the road to Ankara (Turkey) to the EU and has repeatedly confirmed it is government policy for Turkey to join the EU,”
Cameron said that for Turkey it would not be able to join the European Union until the year 3000 on its current rate of progress, Cameron stated as he launched an attack at one of his own ministers.
The Prime Minister attacked Penny Mordaunt’s claims that Britain had no veto over Turkish accession to the 28-member bloc as “misleading” and “absolutely wrong”.
Turkey is set to join the EU in the next eight years and the UK will be unable to block the move, the Armed Forces Minister had insisted.
Mr Cameron insisted that he plans to serve a “full second term” in No 10.
Asked if that means he plans to stay in his post until 2019, he said: “It means a full second term, it means what it says.”

Hopefully their is no EU by 2020, let alone Cameron’s year 3000.

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