Cameron Invites Corbyn to Campaign Alongside Him in Battle to REMAIN in The EU

Cameron has recently made an unexpected offer to campaign with Jeremy Corbyn in an effort to keep Britain in the EU as he stated that the REMAIN camp was now fully supported by an “extraordinary alliance” of parties & trade unions.

The Prime Minister made the revelation after he answered a multiple of questions from factory and warehouse workers at the Caterpillar engine plant in Peterborough, after speaking at the gathering with Sir Brendan Barber, the previous General Secretary of TUC.

He was asked if he will invite Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to campaign with him on the platform for REMAIN, Mr Cameron responded: “Absolutely. If Jeremy Corbyn wants to campaign with me on a platform or the leader of the Liberal Democrats or the leader of the Green Party, I’m very happy to do that.” The party leader made no such offer however to SNP Nicola Sturgeon.

This comes after several shuns from Cameron to an Invite from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, who would like to go head-to-head with the Conservative leader in a live televised debate about why we should leave the EU.

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