Cameron Will Not Go Down as The Person Who Invoked Article 50, So Who Will?

Cameron does not want to be known as the Prime Minister who invoked article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, for Britain to Leave The EU

Gove? May? Leadson? Someone is going to be  the next Prime Minister. That’s a given. It’s also little more than a distraction for a country that is now trapped in an anxious no-man’s land: not in, yet not out of the EU.

Blame David Cameron alone for this international horror show.

Cameron IS our Prime Minister right now. He retains the power to extricate the country from beneath the increasingly bitter, poisonous and suffocating weight of a stalled Brexit, a situation he caused and, we can only assume, personally profits from.

All that stands between the UK electorate and the execution of its democratic will — that the UK leave the EU — is David Cameron’s cowardice and dissembling; he’s too cowardly to go down in history as the person who invoked Article 50, freeing the UK from the EU.

And he’s too much of a liar to honour the specific Article 50 promise he made to the people of the UK and to Parliament in his February 22, 2016 Commons speech:

Then there is the legality. I want to spell out this point very carefully. If the British people vote to leave there is only one way to bring that about – and that is to trigger Article 50 of the Treaties and begin the process of exit.

And the British people would rightly expect that to start straight away.

Cameron’s refusal to honour his promise has left our pathetic excuse for a “national leader” skulking around No. 10, trying not to be noticed and anxiously wishing away the days until he can cut and run — the day he can foist onto someone else — anyone else, so long as it’s not him — the tough decision he promised to make, that we have already paid him to make, and now we re instructing him to make.

This is a disgusting display of cowardice coming from any Brit, let alone a purported British “leader”.

Equally disgusting, is the way erstwhile Cameron nemeses, such as that bilious viper in Scotland and just about any “progressive” who agrees with her, now suddenly embrace Cameron’s cowardice and lies.

They have put their arms around his shoulder and told him:

“Attaboy, Davey! You’re one of us  now– a fascistic, regressive, boutique patriot. You’re right to tremble, equivocate and shit yourself when called upon to preserve democracy and the Union”

This will be a fitting legacy for a lying coward, who could still, if he chose to, take the simple action that will bring some semblance of order back to a nation increasingly adrift in the backwaters of uncertainty, despair and division.

All Cameron needs to do to avoid being remembered forever as, foremost,  a liar and a coward is to find the courage to honour a promise he freely made to an electorate he remains obligated to serve.

Will the privileged Panamanian screw up the courage to honour his word and to clean up the mess he and he alone has made before he flees office, like some  grasping, corrupt tin pot dictator caught red handed with his sticky fingers in the national till?

Stupid question, right?

By Les K (a.k.a The Intervener)

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