Abbott Blows 80% of Entire Donations to her ‘Black Child Foundation’ on 1 Party!

This isn’t the first, and will not be the last time that Diane Abbott has made a huge cock up with numbers, this time with her own foundation “London Schools and The Black Child.” Last year She stated during an interview with LBC that Labour would hire an extra 10,000 police officers with only £300,000.  This would mean each officer would earn the grand sum of £30 per year.

New figures for her foundation, show that of £17,183.57 in donations for 2016 she spent almost the whole amount on just one champagne socialist party costing £13,447.52 in Function Room Hire, a DJ & Alcohol — Diane Abbott set the organisation up in 1999 to attempt to raise the achievement level of black students, but we question if any children have actually benefited from it.

Abbott stood down from work duties for a couple of days following her election gaffes, going on to explain that she has type-2 diabetes and that her ‘blood sugar levels were out of control”

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