A Bulk Of New EU Laws Being Kept Quiet Until AFTER British Referendum

Mr Chris Grayling, who is a House of Commons later, will shortly publicly claiming that Brussels are set to introduce a large amount of more red tape, but only after the British Referendum takes place.

His unofficial stance is:  “They’re holding it all back until we’ve voted, hoping we won’t realise that there is another tidal wave of More Europe heading our way.”

Mr Grayling is set to carry on the campaign for LEAVE alongside UKIP leader Nigel Farage in Stoke-on-Trent where this will be announced.  He will also add:

“A vote to remain isn’t a vote for things the way they are today.

“It’s a vote to be part of a relentless march of Europeanisation, with us less and less able to decide what’s good for Britain.

“The Commission’s locker is full of new ideas and new plans. If we vote to remain, the door of that locker will be opened wide the day after.”

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