2.2 Million MIGRANTS Work In Britain, In Blow to Cameron’s “British Jobs for British Workers” Promise.

The number of EU migrants who work in Britain, has been uncovered, and the astronomical figures released yesterday show that Cameron’s promise of “British jobs for British workers” is dead in the water.

The British EU referendum is only 1 month away, and these figures are likely to be a push for Brexit.

Migrant workers in the UK now have one in six jobs of all jobs available –and 5.2million in labour forces of 31.5million, according to the released information from the Office for National Statistics.

Overall foreign workers now account for 4 out of 5 of the 413,000 increase in employment in the year to March.

The figures were a blow to David Cameron who has pledged to reduce net migration to under 100,000 by 2020. The Prime Minister was already under fire over his failure to curb the principle of free movement in his EU renegotiation deal.

David Cameron had also pledged to lower net migration to below 100,000 by 2020, which is failing due to EU free movement laws. The Prime Minister failed completely in his renegotiation to curb migration rules, with the EU.

Iain Duncan Smith said: ‘Our labour market is thriving, but it’s notable that more than three quarters of the rise in employment over the last year has come from people born abroad.

‘The truth is that it is British people on low pay – and those out of work – who feel the consequences of uncontrolled migration.

‘They are forced to compete with millions of people from abroad for jobs, and they suffer downward pressure on their wages. The only way to take back control of our borders, economy and democracy is to vote leave.’
Alp Mehmet, who is vice-chairman of the Migrationwatch think-tank, which campaigns for balanced migration, said:

‘The majority of employment growth has gone to non-UK nationals.

‘Given most EU nationals take up lower-skill, lower-paid work, there will be little benefit to public finances.

‘These figures are really not anything to shout about. If anything, they show that pressure to keep wages down at the lower end of the scale continues apace.’

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