‘1700+ People Apply For Only 8 Cafe-Assistant Jobs at Nero Branch’ – We Take A Look Back.

More than 1,700 people applied for eight jobs at a new coffee shop back in 2013 showing a true indication of how tough the jobs market remains, and how much worse it will continue to get as uncontrolled immigration continues.

In the last 10 to 15 years we have witnessed a significant challenge for unskilled British workers to obtain employment, due to the unprecedented number of migrants coming into the UK, creating high competition for jobs, and significant wage compression.

Coffee shop chain Costa said it received 1,701 applications for the posts in 2013 at their new branch in Mapperley, Nottingham, after advertising in early December.  Since then, these type of headlines do not catch media attention, why?  Simply because the British public have now accepted employment competition to be at these levels, and that it is now a regular occurrence that 100 people on average can apply to one single low skilled position.

A spokeswoman for Costa said the firm was shocked at the response for the three full-time and five part-time posts at the shop.

She said applicants for the posts, with wages between £6.10 and £10 an hour, ranged from new graduates to former managers who were clearly overqualified for the positions.

The spokeswoman for Costa said: “We were shocked at the response – I don’t think we expected anything like the number of applications we received. Applicants ranged from new graduates to ex-shop managers among others, and we’ve been really encouraged to see so many people wanting to work at their local Costa store.”

Only by reducing immigration, can we secure jobs for British workers at a reasonable competitive level.  This is only possible by leaving the European Union.

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